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specializations in

energy, IT and telecommunications

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Microtech Energy Pvt. Ltd

provides comprehensive tailor-made services on

solar products installation


smart energy solutions

software, hardware
& networking


Solar is cost effective right now

When you consider the cost to our health from air pollution, solar
is just as competitive as any other energy source.

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We work on design, installation, optimization and maintenance

of wide range of engineering quality products and services

Who We Are

Microtech Energy has been looking into new and innovative ways to help reduce your costs of living, without having to compromise on your quality of life.

Microtech Energy Pvt. Ltd is one of the organizations that will be able to provide comprehensive solar products installation, telecommunication, smart energy solutions, software/hardware and networking solutions. Microtech Energy Pvt. Ltd products installation & services are tailor-made to meet the individual client’s expectations. Microtech Energy’s staff are experienced and well versed in all the products and services that are on offer, and personalised service is one of the keys to the Group’s success.


Detail About Us

Microtech  believes in strong service standards, local commitment and ethical approach will see them thrive in the future, one powered by renewable energy. So join the ride today!
The diversification of its business by offering smart energy solutions has already enjoyed great success with major installations for clients such as the Sagar Bee Udhyog, Mahanagariya Prahari Pahara Gan,  and many more projects like urban solar, religious  projects etc.

Our Services

We provide design, installation, optimization and maintenance works in different sectors of energy, IT and telecommunications.
Home Solutions

Our Solar Home Backup solutions for Power, Hot Water and Plug & Play Electric Power Systems designed to supply electricity & hot water to remote homes ..

Rural Electrification

Rural electrification is the simplest way to guarantee electricity to people living in rural areas. Solar Energy is modern technology that could light up your home today ..

Solar Street Lighting

Solar power is ideal for providing energy for street lighting. These units can be quickly installed and will provide many years of trouble-free service ..

Solar Water Pump

Are you a farmer looking into using a solar water pump to replace your costly generator powered water pumps or windmill powered well pumps? Trinity solar are specialist ..

Medical Solutions

Solar powered solutions and refrigeration plays a vital role in the storage and distribution of vital vaccines in the most remote areas of the world ..

F.M. Monitoring

Due to the existing energy deficiency problem of Nepal, communication sector has been badly affected. In this context the subsidy program offered ..

Wait Here There’ More Services

  • Quick installations: Microtech energy has a streamlined process that makes it possible to design and install Microtech energy power systems in just a few weeks.
  • Solar optimization services: Proprietary software lets Complete Software improve solar optimization by considering shade, weather and other factors that might influence how well each customer’s system functions.
  • Custom solar solutions: Since each home presents unique variables, Microtech energy create system mock ups so they can test ideas for efficiency.
  • Power purchase agreement: While solar panel installation has become more affordable in recent years, Microtech energy still offers a power purchase agreement that lets clients keep costs even lower by paying for the electricity they use instead of panels, power inverters and other expensive equipment.
  • Attractive panel placement: Microtech energy can provide several mock ups to help homeowners decide how they want to hide solar panels or place them in attractive arrangements that can enhance a home’s appearance.
  • Best for families, homeowners who want affordable access to solar power, and small & large businesses.

Our Portfolio

We provide design, installation, optimization and maintenance works in different sectors of energy, IT and telecommunications.